"God given wisdom over rhythm, let the healing spread, to every organism "

"Let me set it straight,

Life is what you make

so what's it take to elavate 

let's create and activate,

delegate and demonstrate 

the balance of give and take,

no limits, infinite like figure eights  " 

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"I come to settle fluctuation, and induce inspiration, lead you all to contemplation,

this is soul food intiation so increase your concentration, vibration to put you in the shoes of creation " 

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Knowledge Thyself is the lyrical blend of the two philosophies, “knowledge of self” and “know thyself”. He embodies these principles as a hip hop lyricist and Master of Ceremony. The influence of his music is derived from old school classic hip hop intertwined with personal experiences walking the path to self mastery. His technical, tongue twisting word play is intended to lighten hearts, uplift, and spread awareness.