Have you ever walked into somewhere and immediately felt amazing, happy, and a boost of energy or… immediately felt sick to your stomach, loss of energy, irritated ect? The feeling you were experiencing was a direct result of the energetics of the space. Like humans, homes/work places can have energetic blockages, stagnation, and condensed energy. This can be created from previous traumatic/severe experiences, from regular confrontations and disagreements, even the daily emotional distress. The energy of the home is imprinted from its occupants and the energies that they have expelled. People can switch their mood and energy if they have had a bad day or two, unfortunately, these energies get stored in the molecular structure of the home. In considering all the experiences that have taken place in your home…. Is your home in need of healing?

Receiving a home clearing & blessing when your house is on the market will assure buyers a very positive feeling when they step on the property, walk in the door, and further into each room of the house. In the process of this work the home is cleared to homeostasis or complete balance and then tuned through vibration to attract its next owner, therefore allowing the house to sell quickly, to the perfect buyer as well as help with a smooth transition out of the home into your next one. This process will organically create ease in the process of all finalizations.

​Looking for a fresh start? Let’s make your home a pristine sanctuary. All homes have energetic imprints of their previous occupiers. Let’s clear the past and set your life up for success on all level with the energy of a brand-new home, custom to the energy that supports you and your family.

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Work Space Clearings 

Selling Your Home?

Home/Work Clearings & Blessings


Fungshei is the practice of placing furniture and other objects around the home in such a way that allows the home to flow freely with life force. Jereme can give recommendations after the home is cleared and blessed to help maintain the sacred space he creates in your home. 

 A home is supposed to be a place of refuge peace and a space to recharge. Home clearings are especially essential for anyone sensitive to energy.

​Benefits of A Home Clearing


-Create a greater sense of ease and peace at home

-Improve restful sleeping 

-Improve loving relationships of co habitants 

-Clear any negative energy in the house hold 
-Decrease stress and anxiety 

-Increase connection to spirit 
-Provide physical and energetic protection of the home
-Improve physical health of those living in the home and the ability to feel well on a more consistent basis. 
-Increase your energetic vibration which improves all areas of life and well being 

Buying  A Home?

What if Clearing your house could improve the overall way you feel?

Would you be willing to invest in yourself, and your family?

What if your home could be your oasis, your sanctuary? Would that create more alignment within yourself? 

No body really wants to go to work... But what if your work space and/or office had clean and free flowing energy? Would this raise the energy levels and joy around the office. I would say so. You might even just want to go to work everyday because of how good it feels to be there. Performing a work space energy clearing invites more productivity into the work place, decreases conflict, amerces more positivity and smiles. These clearings can also improve peoples physical health. How amazing would it be to be able to work in such an environment where everyone is happy about being there due to the elevated energy created from a clearing?