All distance session are $75 dollars and must be paid for in advance. You will receive an email with a healing request form to specify your location and intensions

When working with energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Anything and everything is possible all the time. Distant healing is a Quantum Physics discovery which proves energy at any time to any location. It is possible to transmit healing energies to anyone, any where in the world. Jereme practices this method for all areas of healing and even suggests adding it once or twice a month even if you are seeing him in person on a regular basis. Want help Creating and receiving something specific, working to manifest a desire into your life? Distance energy work will assist you in activating that for you. Have a friend or loved one in need of some healing? Give them the gift of distance healing. They do not need to be aware they are receiving this to feel the affects. Do you have an important date, meeting, interview, or event? Distant healing can also be used to place healing energy at the date and time of the important event to help create total ease in that situation. How could you use that to your advantage?

Regardless of where you are, how would it feel to know someone was working side by side with you helping improve your life on all levels?