Mentoring, counseling, and expansion is a specialty. This practice is suggested to be paired with energy healing.

We also hold Self Development classes and seminars.

We believe healing and transformation is a lifestyle adjustment and requires a different outlook and way of being. 


Would you like to transform your home into the ultimate space of a personal sanctuary? Not only can we clear your home of negative and condensed energy, but we will help you personally create your individualized space of refugee.

Knowledge Thyself is the embodiment of the master healer, teacher, expansionist, and lyricist of Jereme Unruh. Knowledge Thyself is the fusion of the two philosophies "knowledge of self" and "know thyself". The underline of these ideals and principles is the understanding and essence  of God/Universe as self. Understanding yourself is the key ingredient to the elixir of self love. Self love is the portal of infinite potential for a life full of joy and happiness. Knowing self is to stand in ownership of the creator you are here to be.  May we understand that the entire being works in union with the physical body, energetic body (including emotions) and the mind. To embody full alignment of perfect health it requires each of these components to be addressed. Jereme is dedicated to facilitate space for your growth, healing, alignment and awakening into the empowered & joyous wholeness you are, when in full alignment. Are you willing to allow the facilitation of great change to elevate your life in all facets and aspects, owning yourself as your greatest asset? Knowledge Thyself invites you into new ways of thinking, new ways of being, using various and extensive teachings/practices including conscious eating, energy medicine, mind expansion, self discovery, spirituality, supplement use, and more to align with the luminous being you are.


Home Clearings




Energy Healing 



Energy Medicine is known to be one of the most powerful modalities of healing and transformation. The body is an electromagnetic field and every part of the body and mind is governed by the energy body.

When the energy body is addressed the capacity and infinite possibility to heal and transform is rapid and also deepens the connection with yourself.



"I channel energy that teaches people how to love themselves" 

Self Development